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April 4, 2022

SpiceBeautiful - Spice Girls
the Spice M&M's
Posh M, Baby M, Sporty M, Ginger M, & Scary M!

Spice Girls -- Wannabe25 Spice Girls -- Wannabe25 Spice Girls -- Wannabe25 Spice Girls -- Wannabe25 Spice Girls -- Wannabe25
Spice 25

July 9, 2021
Digital release of the "Wannabe 25" single -- with cassette single and picture disc coming August 27, 2021 (Date has been pushed back because of the global demand for vinyl)
Spice Girls -- Wannabe25

  • Wannabe
  • Wannabe (Junior Vasquez Remix Edit)
  • Wannabe (Demo)
  • Feed Your Love (Previously Unreleaed )

November 5, 2018
4 Spice Girls ARE back!!!

image from from Facebook
February 2, 2018
the Spice Girls may be back!!!

image from from Instagram

The Spice Girls dolls in my Toy Room 2001

Toy Catalogs with Spice Girls Dolls

Galoob Packet

no Spice Girls information.
Galoob Packet
seems to have
no Spice Girls information.
Toymax Catalog
Galoob Packet
seems to have
no Spice Girls information.
Toymax Catalog 1999
  (click image)
(click image) (click image)
(click image) (click image)
(click image)

Pre-Toy Fair Catalog

  (click image)
(click image) (click image)
Hasbro Catalog
The 2000 Hasbro Catalog only features Viva Forever - asst. 26640 dolls.

Check out Galoob's Anastasia doll -- this dolls shares a body with The Spice Girls Concert Collection , Viva Forever with Music Video, along with some Original Fashion Dolls (a.k.a: Girl Power) and On Tour Fashion Dolls.

Wayback Machine has the Galoob Spice Girls pages. Most of the pictures are missing and/or broken links. But they saved it.


to see the site as I'm putting it back together. Spice It Up! dolls with Spiceworld Fashions, and both sets of Viva Forever dolls are not included. I don't think they made it to the Galoob site because whey where released around the time Hasbro bought Galoob. Special thanks to ZacherJem from telling me about WaybackMachine.

what did we miss out on??

When the Spice Girls finally broke up we lost:

  • Tell Me Why - single
  • A Galoob Collector Set of Spice Girls dolls - $75 each
  • A Set of Galoob Fashions - $25 each
  • A new Spice Girl movie - girls would have played characters/not themselves
  • A Disney animated special - christmas special
  • And much more...

It stinks that we didn't get all these things, but it's cool that we got all of the great solo albums and songs.

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