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Spice Girls(tm) On Tour
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It's A Spice World! Girl Power is taking the world by storm as the Spice Girls jet from country to country on their first spectacular Spiceworld Tour! Dressed in outrageous, eye-popping fashions, the superstar singers are setting trends across the globe. Bring the glamour home with all of the five fabulous “On Tour” fashion dolls. Each doll comes with headphones, a holographic sticker and a mini Spice Girls package with a collectible 2-inch figure. Then stage your own sell-out Spiceworld Tour performance for all your friends!

Hold your pointer over the girls' photo to see their doll counterparts. Then click on the doll to go to her page. You can also click on the names, or click the NEXT button to browse the entire section.

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This page is no longer current. These dolls are no longer produced. This page is for nostalgia only. No dolls can be ordered from this site.

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