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Get ready to rock 'n roll with the Spice Girls in their On Stage jumpsuits. These cool fashions are based on actual costumes worn on stage when the band performed their Spiceworld Tour. Each doll also comes with a sassy T-shirt to spice up her miniature wardrobe. And just for you, there's a glittery disco-ball key chain. Now you can carry a touch of Spice Girls style with you wherever you go!
Item No. 23560
Approximate retail price: $12 - $25
Retailers: Toys “R” Us, Target, FAO Schwarz, Kay-Bee, Kmart and others
Also available direct from Galoob (1-800-933-0003).
Resellers please call (213) 727-7232
Availability: Now
For ages over 3
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This page is no longer current. These dolls are no longer produced. This page is for nostalgia only. No dolls can be ordered from this site.

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